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Started a new account on PI

Unfortunately I had to start a new account at Pony Island today because it might be to late for me to pay my first account with Pay Pal when it finally get through processing. Ain't that a dozy. Anyway, for those who are interested (a.k.a. prowlsgirl), I go by Singularity there. I figured since I kind of know what I did right and what I did wrong in the first account I could start fresh and new and get what I know what I did wrong the first time right for a change.

Anywho-ha, attention prowlsgirlI got a question or two for you about PI.

Question #1: What is the max on how height and how wide and how many pixels can a sig/banner be on one's PI account for the forums? I looked all over an I couldn't get a strait answer and I can't post anything on the forums for two weeks. Hell I couldn't even test if my sig/banner I made is acceptable in size and pixels. Well here is what it looks like.


Question #2: any suggestions on how you did your Presentation layout? I need to do mine and I'm a bit confused on how to go about it. I got a ruff idea and Photoshop and GIMP and that's about it. I want to do something dark and gothy (black, red, silver, purples, techno green, and various shades of blue) with a touch of outer space with supernovas, black holes, stars and such. You kind of get what feel I'm looking for. Anyway, any suggestions on how to put it up on PI using  HTML code? Because I know my gimp can save HTML coding, so any help in this department would be most appreciated. 

Sad News

Three of my ponies on pony island died. Midnight Starlight and Electric Twilight and Electric Twilight's mother passed away earlier today. It's a bit sad yes, but it's only a game thankfully and not real life otherwise I would be truly devastated. But on a brighter note, D'fae is still alive, my pony Sin leveled up and I bought three new ponies. But here is the best part, I have enough money to play PI for a full year! Sqwee!  So Prowl's Girl we can breed our ponies when my account is paid for!  

The babies have arrived!!!

Well here they are.

Dark Fae's Kiss (aka D'fae)

Electric Starlight (aka Starlight)

Midnight's Twilight (aka Twilight)

Pony Update!

I'm playing Pony Island and in less than 3 hours, three of my female ponies will be having babies!!! I'm so psyched! I'll post pics of them as soon as I can. I'm just curious to what sex they'll be and what they will look like.

I have two new Pony type links

I have to new links to share with everyone. First is our sister site the other is an free online game similar to Pony Island.

The Pony Exchange is a Live Journal community that is dedicated to everything and anything My Little Ponies. The site is exactly like this one, but unlike My Little Transformers which only focuses on the Transformer fandom of ponydom, members can post anything pony wise that is from any fandom. All shows, comics, animes, manga, besides Transformers, is up for grabs.

Ponystars is an online game similar to Pony Island with some slight differences. You have to care for your ponies a lot more than you can at Pony Island, but leveling up is easier. You can't gain ponies as quickly as you can at Pony Island, or money for that matter, but it does let you have more interactive play with your ponies. It's pretty easy to get the hang of it. The only true problem I have with it is the message boards. When confirming info on my profile, it wouldn't accept it when I put the correct e-mail in or it said my password was incorrect and I have no idea way it's saying that? Strange. But other than the forum registering glitch, the game isn't bad. I suggest it for anyone who can't afford to play


Baby Bumblebee! ^_^

I'm actualy a member of the PonyIsland site and my frist pony is Bumblebee.  He's still a baby though.  But he is a cutie.  ^_^

Welcome To My Little Transformer

By popular demand, this is the Transformera as My Little Ponies group here at LJ. Before you post anything please read the rules. then you can post your Transformer ponies.

But here are a few announcements.

1) This group is still being under construction. So there will be changes.

2) This group needs an icon. If anyone is willing to take the job, I'm all ears.

3) I'm looking for sister groups for this group so, if you have a Transformers or My Little Pony LJ group that you want posted in the group's profile as a sister group, please let me know and I will post it.

Well that is it for now. I'll have another LJ Pony group up by the end of the day called the Pony Exchange. It will deal with all things pony.


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