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My Little Transformer Ponies
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Transformers as My Little Ponies
A group dedicated to making our favorite Transformers into My Little Ponies. So if you like to see your favorite TF as a cute little pony, then this is the group for you.

You want to make your own ponies then you can get the Pony Generator here.

Here at the group you can post the pics of the Transformer ponies that you made, show art work, and post Transformers as ponies fan fiction.

The Rules.

1) NO FLAMING!!! Please don't say hurtful things about other members in the group or harass them. Such behavior will get you kicked out of the group.

2) If you have any fics or art that is of an adult nature, please put it under a ljcut or link it to your journal.

3) If you have a long post please put it under an ljcut also.

4) Only post Transformer related pony stuff and normal Transformer stuff here. If you want to share your non-Transformer pony stuff you can show it at the Pony Exchange.

5) Have fun and laugh. Because seeing Transformers as My Little Ponies is pretty darn funny! XD

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